Saturday, November 6, 2010

Check, this thing on??

Yeah I know...I seem to love going M.I.A. on my blog. I think its lack of either a) time or b) interesting stuff to share or think its interesting enough. But alas, I am alive, well and have lists!

So I think I took my last motorcycle ride of the year today. The bike had been sitting for a few days until I could prognoses a sound it was making, its better but not fixed. So hence a list for the winter of things to fix, work on, or tear apart. Should be fun, unfortunately all parts needed for endeavor is almost as much as paid for it :( but I shouldn't have to touch it again for another decade :)

Other things that are going on.
  • I cut some bangs, thinking of coloring my hair and when the bottle of shampoo is gone, doing some dreads :)
  • Buying a used VW Jetta-sadly I am happy to be buying a car (hoping I could go without, but mass transit doesn't get me to everywhere I need to be)
  • Im all sorts of garden planning. So far summer squash, radishes, greens, spinach, winter onions, carrots.
  • Started vermicomposting or worm composting. I got the worms in the mail from Minnestoa Recycling Assocation. And Im excited to use the castings as fertilizer in my garden next spring
  • Currently reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and trying to finish Long Way Down before I can start a bunch of technical stuff on honey.
  • I do like to start early on presents for the end of the year but like to be clever about such things. I found this hand little gifted magazine that looks like some good inspiration.
  • I think I and everyone else needs this for dating.
  • And of course why didnt they think of this sooner: Last years model (info on what to do with some old gadgets) and I cant find my phone (perfect if someone isnt home with you and you dont own a hardline anymore)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What beauitful weather!!!

Which is making it hard to work. I have been busy working on little design projects, applying for a few grants, and trying to organize things. Who knows if anything is really getting done, but cities are not built in a day.

A few things I am enjoying other than the weather:
  • Simpleness of home made childrens toys Cereal box marble run :)
  • Passionate people that make amazing things, like the Mast Brothers
  • New-to-me pair of Frye Boots (I have been wishing for these for a while & am tempted to do some tooling on them when I get bored with them as in the other picture)

  • My ruler cuff (I am also selling these on etsy & have more than 5 in stock)

So enjoy the weather, be productive if you can ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm back from another short trip to Michigan. I have never been stopped going through security and end up getting stopped not once, but twice for stupid things I forgot to take out of my bags while packing. Then when getting to my gate....I am due to get bumped because the plane is full. Upside...$400 voucher and 1st class on the next flight. So I made $100 and hour sitting at the airport having lunch. Not to shabby.

Today I am running some erands and then wrenching on the bike, doing some work and paperwork and maybe reading!

I'm finishing "Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough" and while I am not looking for a mate this book is very interesting on how we make decisions. And it's hilarious.I also found a copy of "The Land of Lost Buttons" which is not only hard to find, but very endearing children's book.

While thinking about the Bearded Lady last week I went on a tirade to find some more motorcycle inspiration. My favorites right now are Deus Ex Machina (from Syndey), Wrenchmonkees (from Denmark) and Kyle Bean's Motorcycle sculpture (scroll down in the link) I think I also want some tall riding boots-thrift stores here I come

This is beautiful and "Beacause There are Goats" is hilarious and only makes me want to travel more

And I also did a search on dreadslocks, looking for how to do it and pictures of what I would want mine to look like...I'm thinking something like this: 

I know the ones on the left have synthetic woven in as well, but I like the size and length. Once I get my invitation from the Peacecorps and if it's to a hot country...dreads will be happenin'

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How was your weekend????

Mine was spent working, going home for a family reunion and of course driving the motorcycle the entire way. One of the highlights....or trips down memory lane was going to the races on Friday night. They look like this...
Stock class in the 1st corner @ Fairmont Raceway
Straight away and 2nd corner
 Then when I got back on Saturday I remembered the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show was going I figured I'd make my way down there. There was some very pretty bikes & lots of hot mens.

Love the detail on the peg and foot rest "Death or Glory"
LOVE this CB750 cafe race...maybe someday mine will look like this
 And today being all motivated (half maybe) I'm catching up on reading blogs, my to do list, and running some errands, and cleaning the bike some and doing minor work to fun fun. I think it's now time for food!

Hope you had a nice weekend and are still enjoying it!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I'm Enjoying Right NOW

  • I have no clue why but rippled potato chips dipped in horseradish mixed with amazing & no I'm not pregnant.
  • Very creative people's blogs-Gala Darling on facebook has a sweet list going
  • William Elloitt Whitmore's music...Motivational, beautiful and sweet to listen to
  • Sweet movies/documentaries like: Note by Note; Bright Star; Annie Leibovitz;
  • Reading something you need to read when you need when doing my nails; thinking about past relationships; and "low self-esteem causes materialisic tendencies and [sic] take root at a very young age" via 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman (very interesting book_
  • Interesting personality test-but visually!!
  • And I am loving riding my motorcycle-I actually had someone want to buy it (I have only owned it for 2 months)
I am going to do my nails :) and read some more. Happy Thursday and have a great Friday!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh what a weekend....

So first I had a bit of work which wasnt too busy surprisingly.

Second, it was 4th of July, which I dont celebrate every year only because I hate to fight traffic to find a spot to sit with a bunch of people I dont know to watch explosives in the sky. I grew up in a small enough town where we shot fireworks over a lake and practically everyone you sat by you knew. (so not much compares)

Third, I was honored to attend a very small wedding of a good friend of mine. Little party the night before with a jazz band, cake and coffee. Day of as the rain fell as we got the bride ready, we crossed our fingers that the rain would let up and we got blue skys and sun. Some pictures from the day...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back & some wonderful books

So I just got back from a very short trip to Holland, Michigan. Walking along Lake Michigan was quite nice and I think just the jump start I needed.

I've gotten some quite lovely books as of lately and wanted to be sure to share them as I forget and I do come across many of them.

-Photobooth by Babbette Hines. Wonderful book with such a breath of images. I love the series of the same people at different times. Quite interesting.
-Angelina Jolie: Notes from My Travels I read this while traveling and truly enjoyed it. It made me better understand her stance on being a United Nations Ambassador and also adopting her children. 

And my stack of books I still need to read......

So as you can probably see/guess-I love the library. I get a dozen so books when I go once or twice a week depending on how much came in & if it's a new magazine week. 

Hope the rest of your week goes well & I'll be updating this more regularly!
<3 M

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vroom vroom

So I'm the proud owner of a 1976 Honda Supersport CB750. Nice little ride. She's not named yet. But I've been managing to get around in all the rain we've been having this last week pretty well. And I stopped being sore-but that just means I'm building muscle.
As for new projects...I am teaching sewing classes through Joann Fabrics at the Maple Grove
location through October. Just a few visual research projects for a play next year, personal projects that are never ending and enjoying my bike for the most part.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm nominated...

to the Peacecorps pending a language test I am to take in June. So I have 4 months to learn french to score a 50 on a CLEP test. I've already emailed a few tutors and the Alliance Francaise of Minneapolis. There is a class that starts March 29th but I'm not sure if that will get me to the level I need. It's a work in progress. But it sounds like once I've passed then it's just a background and medical check until I receive my invitation that will tell me what I'll be doing and where! I'm soo excited!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in review...& what's up for 2010

Some how I actually did accomplish something this last year-kinda scary.
  • Started a blog and etsy shop
  • Housesat (for 2 people multiple times)
  • Acquired 2 new jobs & freelance work (from being laid off from 08')
  • Moved
  • Helped with production of Hamlet
  • Worked with Cirque du Soliel
  • Costumed Phaedra's Love (1st show costumed by self)
  • Worked with a beekeeper and fell in love some bees
  • Traveled to Denver
  • Got 2 tattoos
  • Found new friends and let go of others
  • And some projects

Over all I'm very happy and excited for the new year. I've started a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, started a time line of my life to use later, and re-reading my journals. Which is all very interesting. I can't wait for next week when I will have more free time to do some more. Until then good night!!