Sunday, July 25, 2010

How was your weekend????

Mine was spent working, going home for a family reunion and of course driving the motorcycle the entire way. One of the highlights....or trips down memory lane was going to the races on Friday night. They look like this...
Stock class in the 1st corner @ Fairmont Raceway
Straight away and 2nd corner
 Then when I got back on Saturday I remembered the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show was going I figured I'd make my way down there. There was some very pretty bikes & lots of hot mens.

Love the detail on the peg and foot rest "Death or Glory"
LOVE this CB750 cafe race...maybe someday mine will look like this
 And today being all motivated (half maybe) I'm catching up on reading blogs, my to do list, and running some errands, and cleaning the bike some and doing minor work to fun fun. I think it's now time for food!

Hope you had a nice weekend and are still enjoying it!

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