Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'm back from another short trip to Michigan. I have never been stopped going through security and end up getting stopped not once, but twice for stupid things I forgot to take out of my bags while packing. Then when getting to my gate....I am due to get bumped because the plane is full. Upside...$400 voucher and 1st class on the next flight. So I made $100 and hour sitting at the airport having lunch. Not to shabby.

Today I am running some erands and then wrenching on the bike, doing some work and paperwork and maybe reading!

I'm finishing "Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough" and while I am not looking for a mate this book is very interesting on how we make decisions. And it's hilarious.I also found a copy of "The Land of Lost Buttons" which is not only hard to find, but very endearing children's book.

While thinking about the Bearded Lady last week I went on a tirade to find some more motorcycle inspiration. My favorites right now are Deus Ex Machina (from Syndey), Wrenchmonkees (from Denmark) and Kyle Bean's Motorcycle sculpture (scroll down in the link) I think I also want some tall riding boots-thrift stores here I come

This is beautiful and "Beacause There are Goats" is hilarious and only makes me want to travel more

And I also did a search on dreadslocks, looking for how to do it and pictures of what I would want mine to look like...I'm thinking something like this: 

I know the ones on the left have synthetic woven in as well, but I like the size and length. Once I get my invitation from the Peacecorps and if it's to a hot country...dreads will be happenin'

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