Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm back & some wonderful books

So I just got back from a very short trip to Holland, Michigan. Walking along Lake Michigan was quite nice and I think just the jump start I needed.

I've gotten some quite lovely books as of lately and wanted to be sure to share them as I forget and I do come across many of them.

-Photobooth by Babbette Hines. Wonderful book with such a breath of images. I love the series of the same people at different times. Quite interesting.
-Angelina Jolie: Notes from My Travels I read this while traveling and truly enjoyed it. It made me better understand her stance on being a United Nations Ambassador and also adopting her children. 

And my stack of books I still need to read......

So as you can probably see/guess-I love the library. I get a dozen so books when I go once or twice a week depending on how much came in & if it's a new magazine week. 

Hope the rest of your week goes well & I'll be updating this more regularly!
<3 M

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vroom vroom

So I'm the proud owner of a 1976 Honda Supersport CB750. Nice little ride. She's not named yet. But I've been managing to get around in all the rain we've been having this last week pretty well. And I stopped being sore-but that just means I'm building muscle.
As for new projects...I am teaching sewing classes through Joann Fabrics at the Maple Grove
location through October. Just a few visual research projects for a play next year, personal projects that are never ending and enjoying my bike for the most part.