Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mussing and madness definition


Main Entry:1muss           Listen to the pronunciation of 1muss
Pronunciation: \ˈməs\

Function: noun

Etymology:origin unknown
1obsolete a: a game in which players scramble for small objects thrown to the ground b: scramble2slang : a confused conflict : row3: a state of disorder : mess
Main Entry:2muss
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1835
to make untidy : disarrange

Main Entry: mad·ness           Listen to the pronunciation of madness
Pronunciation: \ˈmad-nəs\
Date:14th century
1: the quality or state of being mad: as a: rage b: insanity c: extreme folly d: ecstasy , enthusiasm 2: any of several ailments of animals marked by frenzied behavior ; specifically : rabies