Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I'm Enjoying Right NOW

  • I have no clue why but rippled potato chips dipped in horseradish mixed with amazing & no I'm not pregnant.
  • Very creative people's blogs-Gala Darling on facebook has a sweet list going
  • William Elloitt Whitmore's music...Motivational, beautiful and sweet to listen to
  • Sweet movies/documentaries like: Note by Note; Bright Star; Annie Leibovitz;
  • Reading something you need to read when you need when doing my nails; thinking about past relationships; and "low self-esteem causes materialisic tendencies and [sic] take root at a very young age" via 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman (very interesting book_
  • Interesting personality test-but visually!!
  • And I am loving riding my motorcycle-I actually had someone want to buy it (I have only owned it for 2 months)
I am going to do my nails :) and read some more. Happy Thursday and have a great Friday!!

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