Sunday, July 8, 2012

And while you're at it...

change your diet. Not the easiest thing to do but better to do it now rather than later when I have other things to worry about, right?

While talking to my very friend about her recent dietary certification, I was interested to hear about the details of what her and her husband were doing. My friend, Ami Mackey, is awesome!! After talking I was convinced that a plant-based diet would not only help psoriasis (that I have tried various diets-some helped) but also detox my diet of sugar (which I've read alot about from  aussie Sarah Wilson ) and also so many processed foods I eat.

I'm sure I will not have access to these things in Senegal and I have heard next to drinking the water, eating the meat is best way to get sick. So why not start now, I have just over 3 months. It only takes 28 days to create a habit. So here I go.

You can read more about plant-based/whole food/Engine 2 diet from Ami's website. But the basic idea is to eat whole foods, minimally processed, nutrient dense food.

So what can't I eat?? Good question
No dairy or animal products, oil, salt, sugar, caffeine. What's fun about that??!

Well what about after the 1st week, waking up with more energy, spending less on groceries, learning actually how to cook things and use spices. All the things I kinda wish I did (lets be honest) more often.

I first purged the house of things I would knowingly crave, make sure to pick out TONS of recipes that would work and have various cookbooks available AND THEN go shopping. It's actually nice to not go shopping for bar codes. I hit up the weekly farmers market and get some staples from the bulk areas now.

So a week later I was a little bloated and gassy (sorry t.m.i) and with friends from out of town visiting, I was only to keep it up for a week before I was forced to eat the most amazing food ever (honestly amazing Italian food-how could I not eat that?!) but felt great on top of still getting immunization shots. Next week I start the malaria pills to try :)

Have you ever changed your diet completely? How did it go?

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  1. I love this idea, but it is so hard to implement. If only I had a personal chef to make it easier. : )

    Hope it gets better for you!