Monday, June 25, 2012

What do you do in the mean time....

Well I have gotten a good jump on what I need to do. Mostly I get checklists and work though them. To give you idea my working list is below.

  • Read dossier sent by Peace Corps on Senegal & needed information
  • Accepted my Peace Corps invitation
  • Sent resume & papers to my Senegalese contact
  • Filed for Senegal visa and peace-keeping passport (along with the 18 passport photos needed)
  • Started immunizations for yellow fever, typhoid, Hep A&B, rabies and meningitis. (oh and I got a sample of malaria medication to "try"-yeah it's that good)
  • Purchased 2nd pair of glasses and acquired 6 months worth of medications (1st 3 months are training)
  • Made power of attorney, will, and other fun legal things
  • Making a packing list of things I have and other things I need (this is almost done!)
  • Updating friends and family on my travels, way of contact, etc
  • Updated blog, wondering what to do about twitter while I'm gone, along with Facebook
  • Collecting photographs to take with me (4" x 6")

And things I need to do and working on continuously
  • Studying french (official language in Senegal, I have had 2 years of it but need to work on it)
  • Researching Senegal in general, but more the land, crops that grow there and the different regions
  • Reading everything I can about various subjects-see reading list here
  • Seeing as many people as I can before I leave as I really do not want a going away party.
  • Sell a few things, namely my bicycle (Gary Fisher-Trek dual sport) and printer before I leave (let me know if you or someone you know is interested)
  • Port my cell phone number to google voice (pretty neat actually)
  •  Figuring out what to do with my motorcycles while I'm gone (most likely store them)