Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 Months at Site: A Review

Going back to March (where does time go) It's hard to believe I have been in Senegal for a year as of the 26th of Septmeber. Honestly I can say I have very much enjoyed my time here aside from a few parts (but life is what is it, it all can't be sweet)

What have I been up to, you ask? Lots. This post also coincides with reporting we do for our work here. It breaks down the numbers of some of the things we can count to show what we do here and so Washington has an idea too. But many of the things as you can see below, are countless as well as priceless. All in all, I have a pretty cool job.

I will also be writing more in-depth posts on some of these activities to explain in further detail what we actually do or did.

Cut my hair off

Worked at site: dug garden beds
Senegalese independence day
Visited Dasalame Sereer
Attended 2 weddings, 1 funeral
Helped with baby weighings

Mangos started

Keur Baba Diouf had a meeting with my village
Seeded tree nurseries for papayas with 2 work partners

 Teacher Training at Keur Baba Diouf for teaching Wolof alphabet

Tree sacks were filled for tree nursery with help from Keur Baba Diouf

Seeded moringa
Filled tree sacks for nursery
Attended Sus-Ag Summit in Tambacouta
Helped with baby weighing

Went to Nioro middle school for party and teach an English class

Master Farm Field Day in Karang where I presented a station on bees

JUNE Taught english class in Nioro Allasane Talle
Attended meeting at Dasalme Sereer for bees with local master beekeepers and NGO from Belgium
Helped host, explain and guide a group of 30 intercity kids from L.A. with chaperons for a weekend visiting our region and volunteers site
On-going project of 'men cooking lunch' continues at my village with another work partner cooking lunch

Attending English Teaching Class in Thies
Visited beekeeper Abdul Seck in Bandia
Wrote my grant for Map Mural project for 2 schools

To Dakar for meeting with my bosses

Summit (on going, hands on training for my sustainable agricultural sector and to get together and talk) in Linguere (north)
Mangrove reforestration on the island of Sipo and the village of Bamboung next to Toubacouta

Back to Dakar to help with Access English Camp for a week long camp teaching 105 students

Returned to village

Return to village

Executed layout design and wrote article for the Agrarian newsletter
Visited Sangako to check with beekeepers


Visited Same and started 2 new capture hives, took some honey, and played with new puppy at Master Farm

Visited another volunteer 2 regions over in Kaffrine with my closest site mate and a friend from site

Attened a laamb, Senegalese wrestling match, in my site-mates village, happened to go until dawn. Normallly then are done my 2am.

Traveled to Dakar for the weekend to see some awesome volunteers off. They are done with there service here and will be very much missed

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