Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bees and the Circus

So the last couple of days of working with Cirque Du Soleil I was able to take a fair bit of pictures. Instead of reposting of them here, I'll note the link to an album I've made else where that is much better formated. But my favorite by far is below. I was Kooza-fied and had hour long, 28-step makeup done for a day. It was so much fun... I also had the pleasure of working bees this week on monday. Again I'll link to my album I've already made. The bees are having a rough year due to how cool and dry it has been. But they might have a good August and make it up. On the way home, this little lady was in the cab of the truck. She couldn't fly and didn't have a stinger, but she made a very good muse and model for me. I was able to take some nice close up shots of her.

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