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September 2016

  • Just returned from 10 day in Liberia, West Africa to partner with ACDI/VOCA and Liberia Pure Honey for assessment and training. Hope to return back in January 2017 for a month long trip to work on more theory and practical.
  • Expanding the Honey bee Plant in Grenada also to Liberia. While there I was able to find some additional books and documents. 
  • Honey Bee Plants of Grenada was shared on UN Food and Agriculture's (FAO) TECA's exchange forum:
  • "Charlotte Lietaer posted Honey Bee Plants in Grenada (Eastern Caribbean)

    This illustrated manual provides an overview of bee fodder in Grenada. It is intended to help with plant identification, advice on planning propagation and if the plant is a nectar, pollen, or propolis bearing.

    This manual has been developed by Megan Wannarka during her assignment with the Peace Corps Response as a Beekeeping Trainer in 2015-16. "
  • Creating a smaller, simplified version of both the Grenada and Liberia Honey Bee Plant Identification Manuals for in-country use in multiple local languages.
  • Enjoying the last of summer and catching up with friends in Minneapolis!

April 2016

  • Finishing my 1 year contract in Grenada, Eastern Caribbean with Peace Corps Response & returning to Minnesota.
  • Finished the bee fodder plant list for the island. It turned into  a plant identification booklet for beekeepers.  You can see more of the process here.
  • Honey Bee Plant in Grenada, Eastern Caribbean is DONE. (click the link to take a look)

  • Teaching classes with beekeepers and doing one-on-one on demand trainings
  • Adding slowly to my book I'm writing (temporary title "Not just the bees: Why people, Pollinators, habitat, and knowledge are just as important ")
  • Volunteered for the upcoming Pure Grenada Music Festival & had an awesome time. 

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