Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Reviews: The Happiness of Pursuit

So as many people would think as a Peace Corps volunteer we have the chance to read many many books through our service if that is how one chooses to spend their time. I am such a volunteer. Thankfully there have been enough paperbacks and e-books to exchange in the country that I haven't read though my continually growing stack (yet).

As a nice gift for writing a guest blog post about where I live I was sent an advance copy of "The Happiness of Pursuit" by Chris Guillebeau. He has also authored  The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future,
The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World,
and I also follow his blog at

Now that being said, I wouldn't read a book just because someone sent it to me. I do have standards. There are 2 ways I determine a good book. How fast I can read it (literally can not put it down is always a good thing) and how many dog ears I leave to go back and write down quotes, other books or authors look interesting to read or something interesting. This book was both!

"Everyday had it's challenges and I'm actually very thankful for all of them."
 -Nate Damn about walking across America in 8 months

Guillebeau has taken 11 years to travel to every country in the world and while doing so also worked in development and 'travel hacked' his way to be able to so economically. All of which I find very interesting. The Happiness Pursuit is a great read while finishing up my Peace Corps service. Guillebeau's story of traveling around the work  is mixed through out other people's stories of their own quests; ie walking across large spaces (America/Turkey), giving up transportation and not talking for 17 years and living a tree for 400 days to save a forest among others.

"Home is where you go where you run out of homes" 
-John Le Carre

His lessions from the journey are great reminders and points I couldn't agree more with! I also have noticed going more in depth with some of the stories he tells in the book on his blog since the release of the book, which I also love!

Read any good books lately? Any suggestions or thoughts?

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